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Indy Lawyer Finder is a free service that connects you with the Indianapolis-area private attorney who best meets your legal needs. Finding legal help can be a stressful experience. Simplify that process with Indy Lawyer Finder. Get an attorney referral through a guided process here or browse our online directory

A service of the Indianapolis Bar Association, Indy Lawyer Finder features lawyers who are pre-screened and who adhere to a high standard of professionalism. These referrals are to private attorney's, who are expecting to be paid for their services.

100+ Attorneys. Our lawyers must be in good standing with the Indiana Supreme Court and the Indianapolis Bar Association and carry liability insurance.


1,000,000+ ReferralsSince 1970, the IndyBar has provided referral services to the community.


150+ Practice Areas. Attorneys are standing by in most areas of law.


CommunitiesServices are available throughout the Indianapolis metropolitan area.


Indy Lawyer Finder can help you find an Indianapolis-area attorney for various legal needs, from family law (including divorce and custody), criminal law (including DUI and expungements), liability (including auto accidents, medical malpractice, negligence and personal injury), estate planning (wills and trusts), and real estate (including landlord/tenant issues and buying/selling property) to bankruptcy (including debt resolution, collections, Ch. 7 and Ch. 13), civil rights, immigration, school law, appeals and worker's compensation, small business law, employment law and business litigation, among others. Start your search now and find your next Indianapolis lawyer.


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We have written guides on a range of legal topics to assist you in your process of requesting the right legal help for your situation.

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Indy Lawyer Finder is a service of the Indianapolis Bar Association. Our Mission: To serve our members, promote justice and enhance the legal profession.