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Indy Lawyer Finder is a free service that connects you with the Indianapolis-area attorney who best meets your legal needs. Finding legal help can be a stressful experience. Simplify that process with Indy Lawyer Finder. Get an attorney referral through a guided process here or browse our online directory


A service of the Indianapolis Bar Association, Indy Lawyer Finder features attorneys who are pre-screened and who adhere to a high standard of professionalism.


100+ Attorneys. Our lawyers must be in good standing with the Indiana Supreme Court and the Indianapolis Bar Association and carry liability insurance.


20,000+ ReferralsSince 1970, the IndyBar has provided referral services to the community.


150+ Practice Areas. Attorneys are standing by in most areas of law.


CommunitiesServices are available throughout the Indianapolis metropolitan area.


If you have a legal problem, but cannot afford a lawyer, learn more about legal service agencies that might be able to help you here.

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Indy Lawyer Finder is a service of the Indianapolis Bar Association. Our Mission: To serve our members, promote justice and enhance the legal profession.